Resume Tip: Check for Typos!

Spelling and grammar mistakes are among the most common mistakes that people make on their resumes.

For that reason, if your resume doesn’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes, it will have a higher chance of standing out from the rest. It will portray you as a professional who pays attention to detail.

How to make sure that your resume doesn’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes? Here are some tips.

  • Write your resume, but don’t submit it to the recruiter right away. Instead, walk away from it for a few minutes. When you’ve had a chance to clear your head for a while, come back to it and read it over.
  • Read it out loud to yourself. This will help you make sure that your resume flows correctly, and will help you catch grammar and spelling mistakes you may have overlooked.
  • Have someone else review your resume. A set of fresh eyes is always a great to catch mistakes you might be reading over.
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