Employment Gaps in Resumes

An employment gap is a significant amount of time during which you remained unemployed. How do you address these gaps in your resume?

The reasons for which you were unemployed for months or years can vary. Taking time off to care for your family, or to go back to school, are among those reasons. Regardless of the reason, however, it’s important that you are upfront and don’t try to hide the employment gap in your resume by not listing dates for each job. Dates are an important part of resumes, and if you don’t list them, your resume may be disregarded. If you do get an interview, you will probably be asked about the dates, and if the employer thinks you’re trying to hide something, they’ll have a reason to question your honesty.

Instead of trying to hide the gap, explain it. If you took time off to take care for a family member, for your kids, to go back to school, or whatever the reason may have been, explain it. Show the employer that it was a decision you thought about.

Furthermore, you’ll want to show the employer that you were still investing in yourself and your skills during that employment gap. If you took workshops and courses, went to school, did volunteer work, or anything else that helped you, list it and explain how it helped you to continue developing yourself during your time off work.

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